On my way…

When you are on the road…

Call that live on the road, sort of speak, you learn how to improvise, a lot! Otherwise, you are just not going to make it. It is very simple.

Suddenly unpacking is a pleasure because you are just fed up of living out of a suitcase. You find yourself neatly arranging things which will get messy anyway because there is no real way of fishing them out of your bag without messing it up and you will neatly fold it back because otherwise it will get on your nerves. You slowly start questioning if you are either compulsive or super tidy. Something you were never before. Almost never before.

You learn how to calculate and orient yourself in terms of space, distance and travel time. You learn how to time yourself and multitask on stuff and find the best way to carry as little as possible and suddenly the thoughts of having useless luggage of any kind emotional or material weighs you down a tonne.

Your phone becomes your life saving tool. In many ways. It goes beyond the usual alarm and time and calling and texting…

You have a mental emergency call list of people who could host you/pick you up from middle of fucking nowhere/feed you in case of emergency.

You learn how to quantify and plan your sleep, power naps or mental blanking because, mostly….

you are tired…very tired…and after a while…

you just want the place to call home…


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