On my way…

475 pieces

I could find of my parents’ and familys’  history…Of course there is more to it. They are back home in the rest of the albums, on the balcony where we spend the hot summer evenings and days, in the living room, all together in a small flat in a whatever city, whatever country which I refer to as “Home”.Since I moved to The Netherlands this word, split in half and the unavoidable happen.

I suddenly have two homes. Just like my mom had when she got married ……….

…..and my dad had already since he left his home town as a young boy.

The emotions and experiences associated with “home” captured a whole different meaning that it might have for some. I say that because I know a lot of people who don’t feel the notion of “home” and are perfectly fine with it and others whose entire set of actions and decisions and life is build within that concept. This is where I am more like my dad.

Coming from a very “family and friends as family” sort of upbringing, in the last 6 years I ‘ve balanced it quite a bit and this brought me in a “middle” spot. Spot in which I put “home” in the cozy corner as much as i put it in the “identity corner”. Of course since I moved out “home” is distant but a lot closer than it ever was.

This made me look even deeper and try to discover
who are the two persons who made that flat….

“a home”…

…. brought me an older brother…..

…so many beautiful memories of 18 years of life(spent at home) with ups and downs.

Two Persons, who with all their might and efforts, because they put quite some in me, made me the person I am today.


They gave me, strengths, weaknesses, love and everything else that guides my steps until today and further.

That is why I always go through their youth pictures. Also because i am endlessly curious of how did people live and had fun in those days. I have to say, in essence not much and everything else changed. Lovely times. Of course they wanted better. Hence the 1989, 25th Dec. day…

I made a further selection of pictures and almost managed to put it in a photo album.



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