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As a producer…a honest one

Of Aroma-therapeutic and/or natural ingredients based products your earnings will be considerably small. You must hold the Mont Blanc version of passion and determination and will to learn every day something new that might rub against what you learned the other day.

If you start from scratch the state mentioned above of not earning that much might prolong itself for quite a while, when the passion and determination and will are going to be at strain each and every moment you fail a recipe and you do not obtain the expected results and consistency every time.

If you are in it for the money and expect to make them fast, loads of them, then you must be delusional. That is simply because although on paper or in your morning shower eureka moment the plan sounds and seems simple it is just as you can obtain 2 different things mixing oils with the same name and obtain two completely different blends/results. That happens for reasons, obvious to me now, as many as I could not think of 3 years ago. You can get those different results even if you use ingredients of the same importer or, worse, producer and you could still get totally different products.

It boils down to the point of harvest, harvest method, extraction method, who did the harvesting, how it was shipped to your importer or to you, how it was packaged, how it was preserved or not and so many things can go wrong in all those mentioned above that is no wonder you might obtain two different resulting blends. Heck, some hold it to the phases of the moon even.

On top of that you also have the raw price of materials: ingredients(hoover on the pics),  accreditation, labeling, taxes, transportation, storage, promotion, utensils  (these lil fuckers can cost more than you would expect if you want a neat and tidy work space and when I say neat I mean hygienic).

Little is left to yourself as a profit and given the amount of effort that is put into studying and trials and errors and attention to detail and some sacrifices to make it worth your while as a independent producer, I am not surprised that a lot of truly good products can seem quite steeply priced.

Still, you rarely see the little producer out there in the shops…and personally; I think that is a good thing.

The main reason in my favor is that: it keeps me focused on quality vs quantity and it allows me to tell the story of each product on a personal note.  On the down side that is very much time consuming and therefore less profit goes into my pocket.

On the other hand you have boozoos (impostors) who use loops into legislation to call themselves natural or organic or biological or who use cheap mass produced ingredients and poor packaging and so many wrong things and then throw a flashy nice label with a quirky packaging or make use of an established brand and for a box of kitchen salt with three drops of three cheapest essential oils, that do not do much good for you, out there you pay about 10times its worth.

It is oke to practice with kitchen salt, with cheaper essential oils, with cheaper butters or additives to see reactions and get an idea of what results to expect and how to improve that recipe and how to bring it to a level of consistency.

It gives me the opportunity to make a lot of practice and in case I go wrong, my loss is much more acceptable. Wasting 700euro worth of ingredients is no fun (for almost) anyone.

But  I keep it to that: practice – it makes (Im)perfect.

L.E.: I found Jasmin Essential Oil with 44chf per 1ml, that is: 1320CHF pe 1 oz, that is: 1.099 Euro or 1.444 USD….but this price includes the costs of transportation from their (local) producer, bottling, labeling, promotion, shop rent and other related costs, their profit margin and so on. Still, that is quite a bit given that from 1ml of essential oil you would have 20 drops, with an average of three drops per 10ml of base oils that would cost 6.6CHF just for the jasmin essential oil. Wousa. I will take a deeper look into what makes Jasmin Essential oil one of the rarest ess. oils in the World.


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