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Have passport – will travel

Recently I remembered how I got my passport.

Most kids can’t  wait to turn 18 which is our legal age of drinking and getting a driving license just to do just that: to get themselves drunken silly and get their driving license – hopefully not both at the same time.

I was just a few months over my 18 and I had to wait that long because I had to save money and have my passport done without my parents knowing :).  They are not, as I found later, the kind of parents to stop their kids from doing something they really want. Actually that turned to be one of their greatest quality and form of support they could have given me.

They knew they can’t really stop me. They could not ignore my rhetorical questions of  “Tell me, what can I do in this country to make it worth while my time and effort when I look around and I see people working and studying to exhaustion with no memorable result?”  “Tell me, what are my chances against nepotism and corruption and children with rich parents?”

It felt very unfair to tell them those things – it was not their fault, they did their best to raise me and my older brother, but it was the sure way to make them see my way.

My passport is the only thing I never lost, with one exception but then it wasn’t lost, it was stolen but even so I still got it back.

I learned in time that my passport, my bank pass and my legs seem to be the most important luggage I need to carry anywhere. The rest I can manage – and that is what I do on any given situation – I manage myself and the situation and any lemon that’s thrown at me becomes a lemonade one way or the other.

Two weeks later after I got my passport I was on a bus to Belgium. 38h of traveling, well actually sleeping in the bus most of the way. I was just 48-52kg and 1.60cm that could easily fit in two seats on the bus. Everyone around me was stiff and in pain – I was a happy camper.

I was not fed up and I was not bothered by anything and anything. I was talking with everyone on the bus and I was pulling  all the information that I could get out of them and never could find it on the Internet. (I just got an idea for future posts HA!) Except two old ladies who looked as if I just cursed their children into oblivion by poking a map at a gas stop. They were foreign and a sign I chose to ignore.Foreign people, in my mind, were not allowed to be snobs or arrogant or ignorant or mean or not fair. I was so naive  borderline stupid at that age it pains me to think about it…brrr.

I lived in Belgium for just 2.5months – as a first time trip that was good enough. I moved to NL in little slots from 3months to 1year over a period of 7 years in total, in 3 different flats, in two different cities. I lived in the UK from 3months to a maximum of 1year in total. I traveled to other countries for 1w-1month for work projects and for fun.I love Portugal and its ocean vibe that its people have in the South.

Sad enough, I’ve never been out of Europe but since I still have many things to do, places to go – I will do it when the time is ripe and for as long as “have  passport – will travel – will discover”.




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One thought on “Have passport – will travel

  1. Vince on said:

    Nice story crizu!

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