On my way…


…Turns out to be one of the places and experience I will talk about for at least my stay in this country.

I’ve only visited this place as a tourist and in the company of people that in general give me a good vibe. From experience I can say that being a tourist and actually living – making a living and a new life- in a new country with a foreign language, in this case 3 of those are two distinct situations.

I will give it two months of continuous stay. April and May. During this period I will have a plan. Volker told me that he doesn’t go to the toilet without a plan.


This might include – learning french or swimming or shape a perfect body…or meet new people…for sure to meet a lot of people and see nice places and let them imprint themselves on my memory and heart….smile a lot …dream a lot…laugh a lot and not miss a second to feeling sorry for anything.

I will make this one of the best time in my life!


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