On my way…

Having a blog…

Tried it many times. I don’t seem to have the patience or the desire to share my thoughts and actions on a regular basis. I read blogs, loads of them. Always wonder what would I have to say to the World if I made myself heard. First I have to say something before that happens, so here it goes…

A blog about various things which occupy my mind, time and come into my life….another drop in the Ocean…because you see, while it is absolutely recommended to be happy with who you are it takes guts to show what you’re made from to the World and it takes wisdom to love yourself in a non-selfish way…

There are millions of blogs out there and some of them are really really nice to read/watch. Some people write for years and all their readers and information adds up over that period of time. Myself, don’t have the patience to see it grow. That is one of the main reasons why I never kept it a stable thing. That and the fact that I think it takes a lot of time to build a nice blog…well time in time. For now I am using this as a patience exercise and I’ll hope to give you a good reading/watching material, since I hate wasting my time and other people’s time…



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